Feels as good as it is good for you

Discover the amazing health benefits that come with every cup of King Cole tea. From naturally occurring vitamins to helping provide fluoride for your teeth, tea can save the day – everyday.

Tea contains naturally-occurring vitamins A and B plus antioxidants like vitamin E, which neutralize and destroy the harmful molecules of many chronic diseases.

Did you know one cup of tea has up to 0.3mgs of cavity fighting fluoride?

While a tea plant has more caffeine than a coffee bean, by the time you’ve brewed a cup of each, tea has 2-3 times less caffeine than coffee. Tea gives you an average of 34mg of caffeine per 6 oz. cup compared to 100mg for a 6 oz. cup of coffee.

The ritual of drinking tea can soothe anxiety. Tea ingredients reduce chemical triggers for heart attacks and stress.