Read some of the wonderful words we get from our most loyal King Cole loving tea drinkers. If you love King Cole and want to tell us about it, send us an email or reach out to us on Facebook!


King Cole has been in our family for two generations, going on three with our children. We have converted quite a few relatives to your fine blend of tea. My husband and I tease them if they do not have King Cole tea served when we visit. Believe me we do know when it is not King Cole, for you see we are very fussy about our tea.

I have a dear friend who has traveled the world and says that the best tea she was ever served was in my household and just could not figure out why. My secret is to let it steep in a fine English tea pot and viola, the best tea ever – and precious moments shared…

My Dad has relatives come down from Montreal and raid the local stores for a huge supply of King Cole tea to keep them going till their next visit.

We have a lot of fun visiting because everyone we do visit makes sure that only the finest tea we enjoy has a place in their home for our delight… King Cole!

So from our home to yours, thanks for all the memories you help create in a world that is rushed but never one where family and friends cannot gather to share a cup of King Cole tea.

Gisele – New Brunswick

How we came across King Cole tea was pure accident. We have been lovers of great teas for years, however, on our trip to the east coast of Gaspe, Quebec in 1992 we met up with bad weather in the form of rain, cold and fog. Seeing we couldn’t do much we spent time at a small restaurant next to a motel.

Chatting with the local folk we requested something warm. Ordered tea all around with breakfast the next morning. We asked for their “normal” tea, the waitress mentioned if we would like to try King Cole tea. Why not we said. Well it’s the best tasting tea we ever had! Picked up several boxes at the local store before leaving the Gaspe to take back with us.

Since then we have enjoyed our King Cole tea and we’ve hooked many relatives and friends on it. So pleased it is now available in the Ottawa area. Keep on making the greatest tea in the world…

John – Ottawa

I first tried King Cole tea at a small restaurant south of Ottawa. They called it their “house brand” and when I drank it I was hooked! Being a tea drinker all my life I have drank various tea bags as well as expensive loose teas. Never did I enjoy tea as much as I liked King Cole.

Being able to purchase it locally here in Ottawa is wonderful. When I travel I always carry a supply of King Cole tea with me. There is no tea as good nor as satisfying as King Cole – it is mellow yet flavourful, makes for great iced tea as well as hot.

Don’t ever stop making it!

Jean – Ottawa, Ontario