Des McCarthy, King Cole’s professional Tea Taster, enjoys his King Cole Orange Pekoe Tea black with breakfast and a warm mug of decaffeinated Peppermint tea each evening. That’s not to mention the multiple tastes he has throughout the day!

Des’ Tips for brewing the perfect cup.

Keep it Tight

Tea is affected by light, air, and humidity, so be sure to store tea in a cool and dry place in an airtight, opaque container like a metal tin or ceramic canister.

Barely Boil

Water releases oxygen as it boils. If you boil water for too long it affects the taste of your tea, making it bitter. Get water just to the point of boiling and boil just enough for your teapot to handle. Pour out the rest.

Start with Filtered Water

Even though you’re boiling the water, you should start with bottled water or non-chlorinated water for best results. Filtered tap water helps tea taste better.

Steep Meer Minutes

Steeping time is really important, so keep your eye on the clock. Over steeping can cause a bitter taste. For black teas steep for 5 minutes, for green teas steep for 3 minutes (after letting the water sit).

Green Tea Tips

Let boiled water sit at least one minute before pouring over green tea. And most green tea aficionados don’t add milk.